Essential oils are everywhere right now. People are using them in makeup, home cleaners, aromatherapy, and for many other uses. And while they may seem like a new fad, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes.

Even though the use of essential oils is an ancient practice and the oils are natural, that doesn’t mean they are safe or that all essential oils are created equal.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies making and selling essential oils right now. They aren’t all the same, and they aren’t all the same quality either. 

Healing Solutions Essential Oils is a leading company selling essential oils, and they make a lot of great claims about their products. But is it a product worth buying? This Healing Solutions Essential Oils review will tell you everything you need to know.

What are Essential Oils?

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You probably already know what essential oils are, but just in case, here’s a quick breakdown.

Essential oils are oily liquids derived from natural substances like plants, herbs, fruits, and other sources. The product is usually steam distilled to release the oils--this means using steam to pull the oils from the product. Some things, like oranges, can be cold-pressed because they have so much oil in them.

Essential oils are potent because they are highly concentrated, and it’s up to you to dilute them accordingly. Most people will put them in a diffuser which dilutes the oil with water, or they will mix them into a natural carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, or avocado oil--you can use this method when you’re going to use the oil directly on the skin.

What is Healing Solutions?

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Healing Solutions is a health and wellness company that specializes in making and selling essential oils. The company makes a lot of great claims regarding the quality of their essential oils and have recently released a line of USDA Certified Organic oils.

If you love essential oils and find that you buy them quite often, you can join the Healing Solutions Oil of the Month Club. You will save money and receive 1-3 essential oils each month automatically (depending on the package you choose.)

The company is upfront and transparent enough in its techniques and quality checks to make you feel comfortable about buying their products. You can find a lot of information regarding Healing Solutions products on their website. 

Healing Solutions brands its products as “100% pure and natural.” They also define those terms, so you know exactly what they mean. 

On their website, you can also click on any product to get more information, including spectral analysis of the oil. You can search every batch of oil on the site to see specific results of the lot from which your bottle came.

Healing Solutions Testing Process

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Healing Solutions has an in-house testing lab. The company also hired an in-house Chief Essential Oil Scientist. This chemist has a doctorate in Chemical Physics (you can read his bio on the Healing Solutions website) and is responsible for testing the purity and quality of the essential oils. 

Healing Solutions tests every batch of oil they bottle. Each bottle is labeled with a lot number. You can search the lot numbers on the company website to see the analysis of the exact batch of oil from which your bottle came.

To test the oils, Healing Solutions uses gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to analyze their oils, and they share the results of those tests, in detail, right on their site. 

GC-MS is a scientific instrument used to breakdown any substance into its most basic chemical composition. This test means any foreign material that would indicate an adulterated oil will be visible in the analysis.  

Healing Solutions even goes one step further. The company provides the exact testing conditions, the equipment used, and all the technical information you would need if you wanted to recreate the same tests. You probably don’t have a GC-MS handy, but if you did, you could test their products just like they do.

Healing Solutions Products

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Healing Solutions sells essential oils in single oils and oil blends. The single essential oils are excellent if you want to try a specific scent or if you know what you want. They are sold in multiple size containers and come in amber bottles which protect the potency of the oil.

Essential Oils

Healing Solutions sells essential oils in single oils and oil blends. The single essential oils are great if you want to try a specific scent or if you know exactly what you want. They are sold in multiple size containers and are packaged in amber bottles which protect the potency of the oil.

The essential oil blends are labeled for specific uses such as their Good-Sleep blend or Anti-Aging blend. Each blend contains multiple oils that promote distinct results like calming effects or congestion relief. These products are great if you’re looking to relieve a particular ailment but don’t want to buy multiple oils.

Organic Oils

Healing Solutions has recently started offering a selection of USDA Certified Organic essential oils. These essential oils meet the USDA requirements to be labeled organic and have been verified organic by a USDA-accredited certifying agent. So far, Healing Solutions has around 40 different organic essential oils and essential oil blends.

Each oil has specific information listed on the product description. One of the pieces of information recorded for every oil is whether there is an organic alternative available. If you want to make sure you’re buying organic essential oils, then check this stat before purchasing.


Healing Solutions also sells sets of essential oils. These sets are great if you use multiple oils or if you want to try different blends. You can choose from over 40 various collections. They have something for everyone--from beginner sets to the ultimate 112 oil package. 

The sets are fun to buy because you can buy them in so many different ways. You can choose a set meant as a mother’s day gift, a kit for relaxation, a collection of different blends, or try out their top oils. Whatever you’re looking for, you are definitely going to find it in these sets.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are natural, plant-based oils that are used to dilute essential oils. Because essential oils are so highly concentrated, it can be dangerous to apply them directly to the body without diluting them first. The solution is to use the essential oil after you have diluted it with a carrier oil. 

Healing Solutions sells pure carrier oils precisely so you can dilute its essential oils with trusted and pure products. The Healing Solutions carrier oils mix well with Healing Solutions essential oils. You can also purchase pre-diluted oils in convenient roll-on applicators. These oils are safe, ready to use, and you don’t have to dilute them yourself.


Healing Solutions sells kid-safe essential oils, too. We like these products since you can't safely use all essential oils on children. You can buy a few different blends for children in individual combinations or a set of three.


Lastly, you can purchase essential oil diffusers. There are several styles so you can choose the one to fit your decor best.

Keep reading our Healing Solutions Essential Oils Review for all the information you need to decide if they are a product worth buying.

Product Specifications

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Healing Solutions essential oils are guaranteed to be pure and natural. They offer certified organic oils, are transparent in their testing practices, and provide detailed chemical analyses. They offer free shipping, no time limit refunds, and you can sign up for automatic monthly shipping.

Here are some other product specifications:

  • USDA Certified Organic Available in select oils
  • 100% Pure Yes
  • 100% Natural Yes
  • Purity guarantee Yes
  • Number of oils Over 180 including blends
  • Quantity 10mL, 30mL, 60mL, 120mL
  • Shipping cost Free when ordered direct
  • Refunds allowed Yes, no time limit
  • Transparent practices Yes
  • List EleThird-party tested Noment

How it compares

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Healing Solutions does a great job of being transparent and forthcoming with their product information. They offer great deals, affordable pricing, and guarantee the quality of their products. Let’s see how they compare to other brands of essential oils.

Healing Solutions

Product Quality

Healing Solutions offers quality essential oils that are pure and natural. They have some certified organic oils, and they test every batch of oil for purity and quality.

Company Transparency

Healing Solutions has great transparency. You can see the chemical analysis of every batch of oil directly on their website and can even search for your bottle by lot number. The GC-MS analysis results are detailed and comprehensive. The company has an in-house chemist and laboratory, but their oils are not third-party tested.

Product Variety

Healing Solutions has a great variety of products to choose from including some organic oils. We wish they had kid-safe organic oils available, but so far all the kid-safe oils are not USDA Certified Organic. They also don’t offer any CBD oils.


No time limit guarantee on all essential oils 

Plant Therapy

Product Quality

Plant Therapy offers quality essential oils that are pure and natural. They have more certified organic oils than Healing Solutions.

Company Transparency

Unlike Healing Solutions, Plant Therapy essential oils are third-party tested for quality and purity. They use GC-MS analysis; the results are available on the website and are comprehensive and detailed.

Product Variety

Plant Therapy offers a wide variety of essential oils and essential oil products. They provide more organic essential oils than Healing Solutions, including kid-safe organic oils. They also sell CBD oils which are becoming more widely used, oils for dogs and horses, and essential oil body-products like lotions and creams.


Plant Therapy offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is the standard warranty among essential oil companies.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Product Quality

RMO offers quality essential oils that are pure and natural. They guarantee their oils are pure, natural, and authentic. They have more certified organic oils than Healing Solutions. They also certify their oils meet their SAAFE quality standards. We feel good about their claim of pure and natural oils.

Company Transparency

RMO has the best transparency of the three companies listed here. Their oils are third-party tested for quality and purity before purchasing from the farmers and after purchase. The in-house chemist then checks them. They use GC-MS analysis; the results are available on the website and are comprehensive and detailed.

Product Variety

RMO currently only offers ten organic essential oils and overall fewer oils than either Plant Therapy or Healing Solutions. That said, they do offer the most kid-safe essential oils.


RMO offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is the standard warranty among essential oil companies.

Pros and Cons

Quality Few kid-safe oils

Pure Not third-party tested



No limit warranty


Free Shipping


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After doing the Healing Solutions essential oils review, we give Healing Solutions a 4-star rating overall. We would like to see them move to third-party testing so you can feel confident that the analysis results are trustworthy. We’d also like to see them grow their organic and kids lines. Some organic, kid-safe oils would be ideal. 

Despite these few setbacks, Healing Solutions offers excellent quality products that we think you’ll love and since they offer a no-limit warranty, there’s almost no risk involved.

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